Project management for the Agileteams in the Atlassian Jira

Scrum, SAFe and other ways of the product management

Integration with assembly systems and version monitoring

Planning, implementation, releases and data reporting

Atlassian is very well aware of the development problems

It is difficult to keep pace with the competitors

Automate and speed up the assembly, testing and release of the products

It is difficult to coordinate multiple teams

Make planning of large-scale releases for several teams transparent and comprehensible

It is hard to assess the cost of a feature

Automate the logging of labour costs and collection of the reports on the cost of the release

The tool usability has been confirmed by thousands of teams

A single source of information will allow you not to spend efforts on the search and questions addressed to your colleagues. Confluence will collect documentation from swagger files or from markdown and will make it generally accessible
Collaborative work is easier when all team members know what is going on. Rely on the latest data, address the risks timely

Transparency of processes will increase productivity

Each team has its own development principles and template solutions – it is not always convenient. Build up processes that particularly suit your team, it will not interfere with interaction with the other teams

Flexible configuration will reduce the stress level

Knowledge base will save time

Task tracker as part of the development environment

Tool No. 1

Jira Software is the most popular service among the teams worldwide

All you need for convenient work

You will easily tune up planning and issue of releases in time

Ready-made configuration for a quick start

Engage in important issues right now and the environment will scale together with the team

Prioritization on the basis of merit

You will be able to assess correctly the importance and urgency of the user history

Endless extension capabilities

Plugins for quick integration and API systems will allow to create the environment suitable for the team

Work and cost synchronization

Create precise plans and development forecasts with due regard to the cost of the development
Become flexible together with Jira Software

Become flexible together

with Jira Software

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+371 26009565
Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

+44 0203 984 5367
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ