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Task tracking and testing tools

Support of the software development full workflow

Ready-to-use integrations with version control and assembly systems

CI, CDand other functions for your team with Jira

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We solve standard software development problems

Releases are issued less frequently than the competitors’ releases

Combine the task-tracker, version control system and assembly system. Configure business process from assignment of tasks to deploy into production with due regard of testing and allow yourselves to issue releases once a week.

It is difficult to coordinate the teams

Arrange for the release cycles for several teams in synchronous mode together with Jira Software

Errors land in production environment

Automate sending of the accomplished tasks to the code-review and testing. Transfer the code to production with prod-like automatically with Jira Software, Bitbucket and Bamboo from Atlassian

Extend your team’s capabilities

Use Jira Software as the point of aggregation of all information: all commits, assembly attempts and transfers between environments are automatically collected in the development assignment
The Atlassian products are adjusted to the development practices accepted by your team. Perform the assembly, testing and release of products in any languages on any platforms with conventional rules

It is not necessary to change habits

Plan the work of several teams to issue a big release.
Speed up the delivery and improve the security of the software using the tools suitable to your team

Work synchronization accelerates the process

All information is available from one application

Tool No. 1 for the development teams

Quick start

The launch of CI/CD will not require much effort, scaling will occur together with growth of the team matureness

Everything at hand

All participants have different needs, concurrently collaborative workplace contains all data necessary for the work of everyone

Minimization of mistakes

Reduce the number of mistakes related to human factor

Quick communication

From the requirement to release and support, all information is collected in one point

Automated assembly

You will definitely know that the product has been assembled even before its transfer to the testers

Automated testing

All modern solutions work with Jira Software

Achieve more with technological tools

Achieve more with technological tools

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Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

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+371 26009565
Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

+44 0203 984 5367
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ