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Build up customer support service

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We help to overcome support related difficulties

Service over the phone is expensive

Now we no longer need to find out the problem details over the phone. The service portal or the chat-bot will save time and money.

The customer is not sure what he can expect

Make the process transparent and indicate the terms of service.
The customer will be able to view the communication status at any time

It is difficult to monitor all channels

Collect all inquiries at one point with Jira Service Management.
Give feedback via the channel that suits the customer

Jira Service Management will lift the level of your service

Encourage employees to make offers, share their ideas and achievements. Create a single space for social life inside the company to increase your team involvement
There is no more need to specify the exact problem of the customer. Create the inquiry form that will allow the customer to tell about his needs clearly and explicitly

Comprehensible inquiry forms will speed up the processing of queries

There is no more need to write repeatedly single-type comments and perform one and the same actions in the system. Automate change of the status in accordance with time, external circumstances or results of performance of associated tasks

Automation of the routine speeds up processing of inquiries

Timely replies of the customer support service contribute to customer loyalty

Customers will be sure of your support

Quick processing of inquiries

Uniform system of monitoring of inquiries will help to react timely

All necessary information at hand

Supply the customer support employees with all information about the customer, collect it from all available points

Automation of operations

Speed up the processing of queries with the help of in-built replies and automation of frequently performed actions

Close attention

Notify customers of the current situation in a timely manner, in real time mode

Prioritization of queries

There is no more need to sort out inquiries manually: they will fall into the succession of performance in accordance with the order that you deem right

Transparent terms

Your employees can easily monitor applications from all channels. Nothing will get lost any longer

Secure uninterrupted support of your users

Secure uninterrupted support of your users

+371 26009565
Plavnieku Street 2D, Riga, Latvia
+371 26009565
Plavnieku Street 2D, Riga, Latvia