ITIL Service Desk rapidly and clearly with Jira Service Management

Integration with monitoring and development systems

Management of inquiries for service, incidents, problems and assets

PinkVERIFY certified

We help to regulate the IT-support operation

It takes long to find out the details

To reduce the inquiry processing time, prepare the application form that will help to obtain all information necessary for handling the request immediately

The user does not trust the Service Desk team

Minimize the number of calls and personal queries addressed to employees. The users will be able to monitor the actual status of the query on the service portal and will understand in advance what and when to anticipate

Weak contact with the developers

Combine services in one service and create a single access point to all corporate services for the user. Integrate Jira Service Management with the system of monitoring and task tracker to accelerate problem solving

Verified approach
for modern IT-teams

The user inquiries are scaled and prioritized automatically, you always know what you need to do right now
Service management presupposes that, in the first place, the support team thinks about the convenience and transparency of the service from the user’s point of view. It comes naturally with Jira Service Management

The user comfort is of paramount importance

The system will show the instruction on self-maintained problem solving upon creation of the inquiry and will show to the service department employee notes about similar situations and solutions

Instructions where they are indeed needed

Simple task queue helps to focus

Sustained quality at the summit level

Status transparency

Employees are busy with problem solving and not with notification about the status of the inquiry or the terms of its handling

Automation of regular tasks

You will be able to simplify your everyday work independently without the need to write a code

Integration with monitoring

Get to know about unavailability of the system before the receipt of the user queries

Light scaling

Thousands of extensions will allow Service Desk to develop together with the growth of the organisation

Automatic coordination

There is no need to think about the fact with whom you need to coordinate the inquiry for the access or amendment, the system will send the application to the correct participants automatically

Certified tool

Jira Service Management is PinkVERIFY certified for multiple ITIL processes

Solve user problems quickly and easily

Solve user problems quickly and easily

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+371 26009565
Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

+44 0203 984 5367
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ