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Integration with Service desk system

Communication, news and training at one place

Quick configuration without development

Appealing corporate portal

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We help to overcome communication difficulties
inside the company

It is hard to encourage employees to communicate

Create a comfortable environment where the opinion of each working process member matters

Corporate portal has limited functionalities

The Atlassian products easily integrate with each other and with external systems, a large number of plugins allows to meet any need

It is not easy to tell everyone about important issues

Notify employees of the news according to the location, corporate division or position.
Engage them in mandatory training through the tool they know

Corporate portal is a universal
internal communication tool of the company

Adapt the portal to the objectives and needs of your company or separate teams. Select suitable tools out of thousands of ready-made solutions
Encourage team activities. Use gamification and targeted communications to strengthen corporate culture

Common space unites people

New corporate style or ways of the content arrangement are implemented with the configuration. Your corporate portal will always leave a great impression

Visualization changes together with the company

Working environment adjusts to the team

Social service for efficient interaction

Single sign-on

Your employees will get all necessary information at the corporative portal


Personal data are protected by security settings

Availability from any location

Field or remote employees continue to be part of the team

Integration with Service Desk and knowledge base

Record the basic combat training, monitor average results and number of attempts

Training and gamification

Attractive services involve employees into corporate culture

Content is always important

Configure the processes that allow timely update of the information at the portal
Create a real team of your employees
Create a real team of your employees
+371 26009565
Plavnieku Street 2D, Riga, Latvia
+371 26009565
Plavnieku Street 2D, Riga, Latvia