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We will analyse your processes, automate the reporting
We will design processes, intergrate the system, train your employees
We will fairly tell you about capabilities and restrictions of the Atlassian systems, will help you to make a good shot at hosting and licensing

Want to stop wasting energy for routines?

Not sure how to maintain the implemented system?

Don't get what you are paying for?

We will choose the product for you that will help to streamline and accelerate the company’s day-to-day tasks.
We will help you with creating a transparent system and optimizing the maintenance cost
There is no need to hire expensive experts, delegate the support and configuration to us

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Jira is experiencing slowdowns?

We will tell you about types of licensing, choose the appropriate pool. The platinum status of ToolsTrek means favorable conditions for you
We are confident in tuning the Atlassian systems performance
We will provide a service that is GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant
Our products are designed

to make your work more efficient

Over 17products and 3 900 plugins for your tasks
Our products are designed
to make your work more efficient
Over 17 products and 3 900 plugins for your tasks
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We will help to phrase expectations from business processes and the system
We will design through business processes, system implementation as well as integrations with related systems.
We will agree the details with you and will help to plan all the activities
We will configure the system to the processes so that you do not have to be sorry about it during maintenance

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Collection of requirements


Configuration and development


Set the objectives



We will test and document all settings and refinements before acceptance.
Will conduct a system operation training for your users and system administrators

Documenting, testing and training

We will secure hypercare within the first 2-4 weeks of the launch, and then will take care of stability

Launch and support


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We are a partner of the developers of the most qualitative and popular extensions for the Atlassian products. Among them: Mindville, creator of the add-on for Asset Management, Siebert Media, whose plugins can turn Confluence into a corporate portal, Tempo and others

We proved our competence

Atlassian Enterprise Badge is the acknowledgment of the project implementation in large organisations. We understand the demand for the tools and methodologies and offer comprehensive solutions
Since 2019, we have the status of the Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner.
We will help to deal with the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and VAT deduction, to purchase the Atlassian licenses and add-ons on favourable terms
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We will analyse your business processes and offer the best solution
Tell us your pains
We will analyse your business processes and offer the best solution
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+371 26009565
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Toolstrek on business automation

4 myths about Jira

🦑Jira is designed only for software development teams
Well, saying that you’re missing all the fun of synergy that could appear if all of your teams including marketing, sales, customer service, and others are working together in one tool since there are Jira Service Management and Jira Work Management available for non-software development teams. Moreover, for the most common business process automation cases there are templates provided by the Atlassian which could be found on their web site. These templates are based on the experience of thousands of business teams that already use Atlassian products for their benefit

🐀Jira is for small and medium enterprises
Although we at Toolstrek know that Jira works fine for big enterprises from our own experience (our biggest case is Jira Service Management for about 30k users), I’ll prove this with examples here  https://lnkd.in/eNQfwh22 
Moreover, if you’re still not convinced, there are scaling recommendations from Atlassians here https://lnkd.in/eyS_ctJ3
(spoiler - large instance for Jira is more than 10k users and it officially works fine up to 100k)
In a nutshell, many BIG companies already use Atlassian products enterprise-wide, so I consider this myth to be completely unreliable too

🐆Jira Software is only suitable for Agile teams or makes your team Agile
Even though Jira Software is a tool designed for agile teams, all the problems of your team will not disappear like magic as soon as you start using Jira. Implementing Jira Software is only a piece of the puzzle you have to put together to gain more flexibility, but the greatest investment you'd do is changing the mindset.
As for traditional project management, there is no conflict with Jira. You’d probably need some additional instruments to create WBS, but you still can’t underestimate the benefit of transparency and online collaboration opportunities.

🙈Jira doesn’t provide an ability to synchronize teams within an organization
This used to be a pain point for a long time, but… Some time ago Atlassian added Advanced Roadmaps to Jira Software Data Center and Cloud Premium subscriptions so now there is a built-in instrument providing helicopter view with all the necessary abilities such as capacity planning based on Jira data.
If you want something more complex, there is an amazing addon Structure for Jira by ALM Works, which can help you do all the data work - from the project (PI, sprint, or whatever else) planning through status tracking to the project release. With Ghantt chart view and integration with Confluence, Structure makes your Jira a perfect workplace for the Head of PMO or Portfolio manager.

Do you know any other common myths about Jira that I could prove or brake?
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