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Get started fast with hundreds of visual and customizable templates - or create your own.
Streamline all communication
Keep all comments in the project environment so you spend less time chasing updates and more time supporting your team.
Build high-level overviews
Create your team's perfect high-level overview on a no-code platform to see all of your ongoing work at a glance.

Create a unified workspace by integrating tools you already use

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  • Project management
    High-level portfolio, project task decomposition, calendar planning, and resource management. With reports, of course.
  • HR
    Employee recruitment and onboarding with funnel visualization, automated email and document delivery, and a personalized onboarding plan with reminders sent to email or messenger.
  • Sales & CRM
    Lead funnel collection, reports on various metrics, automated email sending based on events or schedules. Feedback forms for placement on any resources.
  • External teams
    Separate workspaces for contractors, clients, or external team members. Visibility restrictions, comprehensive reporting, and free licenses
    for guests.
  • Frontline
    Workplace registration, shift scheduling, automatic bonus calculation, and forecasting of productivity norms or sales plans. Accessible from
    mobile devices.
  • Marketing and creative
    Simple material approval, automatic social media posting. Campaign planning, and collection and analysis of results.
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