Share your experience with the newcomers

Create courses

Automate training and certification

Manage training with Atlassian Confluence

We help overcoming problems related to professional training

It is difficult to involve employees in a training process

We will create a convenient transparent training service.
Gamification format will help to change the attitude towards training and certification and will create additional motivation inside your team

It is difficult to track who and when passed the course

With our products, you can monitor in real time who has already taken the course and who has not even started. Automations organize data, freeing up time for other tasks

It is expensive to implement new training content

No need to allocate huge funds for development and implementation. Just bring the content, notify your team and track the popularity of the course among employees

One workplace

Encourage the employees to suggest improvements, share their ideas and achievements. Create a common space for social life inside the company to involve your team
There is no more need to arrange for meetings to remind everyone to take a course or exam.
Automatic reminders and course scheduling will save you time and increase employee productivity

Automatic reminders increase productivity

Monitor the dynamics: the product systemizes the average scores, elapsed time, references and comments to the course and overall progress

Usable statistics will help to monitor the results

Unified working environment folsters involvement

Transform the experience of your company into a suitable format of employee training

Resource saving

No need to engage trainer for every newcomer

Common knowledge base

Each team member will get the same imformation, terminology and understanding of working processes

Online certifications

Monitor the progress and exam results

Quick integration of the newcomers

Record the basic course, monitor average results and number of attempts

Target-oriented courses

You can easily record your own course and invite your team to take it

Training at reasonable time

You no longer need to gather everyone at one place. The course is available at any time. Even online!

Bring your team training to a new level

Ensure smooth and easy migration from Atlassian Server products

We’re happy to share migration tips to help you plan your migration with no challenges

Bring your team training to a new level

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Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

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+371 26009565
Elizabetes 45/47, Riga, Latvia

+44 0203 984 5367
71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ